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FOOD VAX: Study Confirms Development of Oral mRNA “Vaccine” That’s Produced in Cow’s Milk

icon Jan 11, 2024

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icon April 12, 2023


And maybe someone can tell us why they believe they need to inoculate cows with mRNA. There is no GD proof that when ingested that mRNA can get through our gut’s digestive system.

Maybe we should be asking what type of mRNA are they injecting. COVID ? OR WHAT?

If the POS in charge are trying to kill the dairy industry this will sure do the trick, but we must be told why is this being done in the first place because there is no proof that this virus can be transferred between humans and cows. We know that Hoof & Mouth disease can.

If they are trying to create Prions in cows such that we will ingest it in the milk, then we need to hang all the CEOs of all of Big Pharma and their subsidiaries, Yeah like the CDC and FDA.

icon April 12, 2023

Minnie McGuire

I understood that heat kills/deactivates the mrna. How does it get past pastuerization?

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